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Shope Seeks Help with Welch History Project

7:06 AM on Thu., Jun. 30th, 2011, by Tyson Wynn

WELCH—Former Welchkin James Shope is seeking assistance compiling a history of Welch from the time of Cherokee Nation to the present. He has compiled a list of persons he remembers from the area (click here to see it) and is asking that those who can help provide missing information, including maiden names, contact him. He can be reached at or 14933 Gazelle Drive, Neosho, MO 64850. He’s also interested in any existing history compilations of Welch.

One response to “Shope Seeks Help with Welch History Project”

  1. James Shope says:

    Tyson, I wish everyone who sees the list of Welch residents

    would write out their memories of them. Remember what their

    jobs were, what your relationships with them were, and maybe

    even some dates.

    Towns like Welch are made up of people, and the people make

    the history of the town. We are about to lose 50 years of

    Welch history. Let’s help preserve it. O.K.?