Boil Order Lifted

keep-calm-and-drink-up-217WELCH–Town of Welch Water Superintendent Harley Malone announced this evening that the Town’s boil order has been lifted. The boil order, which has been effective for Town of Welch water customers for most of this week, resulted from the failure of the town water system’s chlorinator motor. The part was replaced Thur., Sept. 12, 2013, and treating town water was commenced immediately. The Town had to wait on certified lab results indicating that the system’s chlorine levels are sufficient. Those results took 24 hours to process.

Mayor Winston McKeon advises that all town water customers should run all faucets and taps, including less-used bathrooms or outside faucets, to bleed any untreated water that remains in your pipes. Don’t forget also to discard ice that may have been made during the time when the boil order was in effect.