How You Can Help Living Hope Fire Victims

WELCH–Many in the community have been asking how they can help those who were affected by Wednesday’s fire at the Living Hope Apartments. It’s taken a bit of time to get with all the tenants (and we’re still trying to connect with a few), but we finally have a list put together, and we wanted to share it, since we know some churches will want to discuss it tomorrow.

So as not to identify personally the individuals and families, we have randomly assigned tree names to them. When you make a gift, whether items or cash, you need to designate who (which of their assigned names) the gift is for. We will distribute everything that comes in according to your directions–and only in that way.

Due to smoke damage at Living Hope’s church facilities, donated items cannot be stored there. We will accept donations at the KVWO studios, 361 S. Commercial St. (right next to the post office) in Welch, during typical business hours. Email to arrange another time to drop off there.

For those wishing to donate money electronically, Voice of Welch Communications, Inc./KVWO will accept your donations via PayPal and pass 100% of those gifts to the benevolence fund of Living Hope Baptist Church. Living Hope will then distribute 100% of your gifts in accordance with the donors’ instructions. The PayPal link appears at the bottom of this post.

Please make sure your donations include labels/instructions indicating the name(s) they are for.

The Maples

  • Adult female, typically shops at Cato, J.C. Penney, Old Navy, Walmart
    • skirts (she does not wear pants), size 16
    • tops, size L
    • shoes, size 9-9.5
  • 10-year-old female
    • skirts, size 14/16
    • jeans, size 14/16
    • tops, size 14/16
    • shoes, size 5 kids

Ms. Poplar

  • Adult female
    • laundry baskets
    • plastic storage totes with lids

Mr. Willow

  • Senior adult, male
    • plastic storage totes with lids

The Aspens

  • Adult, male
    • jeans, size 34
    • shirts (pullovers and t-shirts), size XL
    • white t-shirts (undershirts), crew neck, size XL
    • tennis shoes, size 9
    • socks, size 9
    • cologne
  • Adult, female
    • Levi’s, size 11
    • bras (prefers sports bras), size 36C
    • pajamas, size L
    • shirts (pullovers and t-shirts), size L
    • tennis shoes, size 6.5
    • socks, size 7
    • perfume (any)
  • Dog
    • Pedigree wet food (not chunks)
    • Water and food dishes

The Elms

  • Adult, male
    • jeans, 34″ waist, 32″ length

The Hedges

  • Adult, male
    • jeans, 36″ waist, 34″ length
    • shirts/t-shirts, size XL
    • shoes/work boots, size 10.5
  • 15-year-old male
    • jeans, 38″ waist, 34″ length
    • shirts/t-shirts, size XL
    • shoes, 9.5-10
  • 17-year-old female (pregnant)
    • [waiting to hear sizes]

Ms. Magnolia

  • Adult female (pregnant), typically wears sportswear and Old Navy
    • tops and bottoms, size L
    • tennis shoes, 8.5

The Oaks

  • large plastic storage totes with lids

Mr. Pine

  • hasn’t found new residence
  • doesn’t yet know needs, will provide when he knows

Ms. Redbud

  • [waiting to hear back]

If you’d like to make a financial donation via PayPal, you may do so by clicking the Donate button below. 100% of all donations received for this purpose (minus the small fee PayPal deducts for processing payments) will be passed on to the benevolence fund of Living Hope Baptist Church. Living Hope will then distribute 100% of all donations according to your instructions. During checkout after you click the Donate button, you will be prompted to indicate who the donation is for. Please make sure you enter a name or names from the list above or enter Living Hope (since some of you have asked to donate to the church itself) so that we get your gift to its intended recipient.

Thank you for your kind generosity.